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Thread: Seasonal Regatta Tasks/Plane and Train Crate Filling

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    Seasonal Regatta Tasks/Plane and Train Crate Filling

    Our co-op is in an uproar with these plane and crate filling tasks. We are a very close-knit family, but these tasks have caused more problems than they are worth. Those that regularly help are being asked to hold back, others are singling popular players out telling them what helps they are going to put up just for them and excluding others who have the task, and we actually had to let one person go who admonished another player who inadvertently filled a plane crate that was meant for another player. It is absolutely ridiculous. I wonder if these tasks are causing problems for any other co-op. I also fervently hope they will disappear with the next regatta season.

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    Perfect type of tasks for your coop, it tests your abilities to cope with the new problems.

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    They’re a seasonal task, so I see no reason to assume they won’t pass when it does. I suppose the odd one here and there might resurface, but I doubt they’ll be the focus again soon. We aren’t especially keen on them either, but aren’t arguing about them at all. We tend to only have a couple of people on each crate type at any one time (out of a team of 12), so we reduce competition. That’s not a rule, just common sense - I imagine you do the same. The increase in standard plane & train tasks appearing alleviates the issue a bit too, by increasing demand. We do try to hold our help requests until someone who needs them gets online, but that’s not a rule either, just being considerate. I’d be annoyed if I thought someone was able to provide me with a crate and preferred to keep quiet til someone else came along though. But that doesn’t sound like a “close knit family” to me, that sounds more like selfish play potentially causing factions to erupt. I’ve been doing a lot of crate tasks, mainly so that my teammates could avoid them. I’m the leader, so I take the hit willingly. Crucially, I’m also online most, so it’s far easier for me to spot help requests from outside the coop than it is for many others, so I can do a crate task faster than they can. So it makes perfect sense. But I take those tasks in the understanding that crates from my coop are a bonus if they appear. I certainly wouldn’t just expect to get special consideration, especially when those not doing them are likely on standard trains and planes, so they’re in a rush to send them. In short, no, I don’t think the tasks are the problem, per se, but they may be bringing to the surface issues with cooperation your team already had.

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    I thankful this is the last week of this season. We are inundated with airplane crate tasks. With only ten racers we had 4 active airplane crate tasks and three more on the board Tuesday morning and it hasn't gotten any better. My friends needing help is totally deserted. How about a little variety?

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    Our co-op worked beautifully together with the crate tasks. To me it promoted team work at its very best. I wish that those tasks would become a regular task.

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