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Thread: Level 140

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    Level 140

    Anyone have tips for level 140. I'm hopelessly stuck!!

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    Here's level 140.

    You want to make a lot of bombs for this one. Your 1st goal is to get to the bottom of the left side as quickly as possible so you can start to fill up the right side and spread carpet. Once you've reached the right side, you'll want to make boosters and pair a paper plane with a rocket or a round bomb in order to bring carpet over to the left side and start spreading it there.
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    Thank you. I finally got it! A rainbow ball and bomb combo did the trick! Thanks again!

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    Thank you for sharing that video! I have been sooooo stuck on 140 for over a week! Never taken me this long to beat a level! Wish me luck! ;-)

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    Espero pasar pronto, llevo casi dos semanas y no he conseguido pasar. Intentaré hacerlo. Gracias por compartir el video.

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    First, it is important to quickly remove the jelly below.

    Spread the carpet to the left and create a rainbow ball combo.

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