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Thread: Managing Barn Space

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    Managing Barn Space

    As a relatively new township player, I am always struggling with keeping spaceavailable in my barn.I am sure that it's a part of the game that every other player deals with, on an ongoing basis, but I am wondering how big other players barns usually are and when/if there is a good size to stick with, and stop letting the supplies needed for the next upgrade take up more space then will be gained by upgrading. My last upgrade was 435->460 but I gained more than the 25 spots fro
    just using the material I needed to do it. Any other tips on barn space management are welcome and appreciated.

    edit: I have a feeling this topic may have been covered in the beginners section, I spent a fair amount of time browsing the posts there, with limited success(due to my own poor navigation skills, more than anything else), and TBH, I missed being in my town so I took the direct route to finding answers. Sorry if doing so is against any rules of the forum, or poor etiquette.

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    The next level of barn upgrades ade adds less space than instruments for that upgrade require, but it is not a reason for a point of no further upgrade to exist.

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    Keep track of amount of materials needed for last community building and sell off anything above that level. A train or two will bring whatever extra is needed for the next one. I keep one of each factory product in the barn with the exception of the dairy, sugar, bread and animal products. I let animal feed stay on the shelf at the feed mill until needed and then immediately replace it. Hope this helps.

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    Oh, I didn't mean to imply it shouldn't exist, I apologize for doing so. I was just wondering if there was a point when the benefit gain by upgrading became too small to continue doing so. Thanks for the reply, again sorry for my inability to make my question clear.

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    Yes, greattips, they will help a good bit, thank you very much!

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    Also, if you can answer another question for me(since your tips brushed on the topic). I have always had the mindset of building my Community bldgs ASAP, believing that building 1 at a time would set gameplay back too much. For example, I am currently storing supplies for the stadium and the pet shop(both awaiting the products to be fully completed), but short of 1 specific item for both, so I have soooooo much of my barn filled up by it. My question is, was my assumption about getting them up as quickly as possible, well, really not too bright? I saw this topic in in the beginners section but couldnt grasp the reasoning behind it, I must now assume(again, correctly this time I hope) that open storage space is that (very logical) reasoning.

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    It has all been asked, answered, reanswered and beaten to death. Frankly, you'd find it much more useful reading combined topics like:

    Some people stop barn at like 2k, though it has nothing to do with effectiveness, they just find it enough.
    The thing in the game is that its material delivering algorithm doesn't work as true random, it tries to motivate you to spend t-cash. To this end it often creates the 1 material shortage - 2 material abundance situation. In short, don't build more than one community building at a time. If you have more than one - pick one and focus on it. "Focus" means u can sell all the extra materials. Extra means above necessary for the construction of the building u chose to focus on.

    E.g. you are building two community buildings, which require 20-20-20 and 10-10-10. You have in your barn 190-100-0. Sell it down to 10-10-0 and wait for the third. No point wasting space waiting for luck. There is no luck. The game just waits till you lose hope and start selling stuff that occupies place in your barn.

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    Hi Jon

    Your assumption is right. Building one CB at a time is best in order to get the materials to finish them. Same thing with the barn tools. Just keep the needed tools for the next upgrade.

    As for the barn size, getting to 1000 let you place to breathe, 1500 is confortable, 2000 is really fun, 3000+ start opening new possibilities, 5000+ is a game changer. Some stop along the way, other keep going.

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    I'm level 56, with a 635 barn.

    It is a constant struggle, but there are of course ways to manage it as best you can.

    As above, I keep one of every factory item in my barn. I then go round all my factories and ensure I have at least three of every item made. Many of these are stored on the factory shelves until needed. If I have no more shelf space but need to make something else to fill my three, I take just one item off the shelves to create that one space.
    Say, the furniture factory, with tables, chairs, couches, and beds.
    I have one of each of the first three in the barn, and two of each on the shelves. That gives me my three of each, full shelves, but no beds.
    So I set one bed making overnight, and collect one item off the top to make space for the bed to make. Collect that bed in the morning and set a new one making.

    For my barn upgrade materials, I keep only what I need for the next upgrade. I currently need 25 of each material, and I have 25/17(nails)/25, so any other hammer or paint that turns up gets sold. (I've sold about 15 hammers so far waiting for paint and now nails).

    Expansion materials are the same as the barn. I'm forever selling shovels waiting on axes and saws, but as soon as I get enough of all three, I do my next expansion and start saving up again.

    Community buildings are the same again, but I'm lucky somewhere around level 38/39 I ended up staying that one level for ages, and built up a good stock of materials, completed the building for that level, and rebuilt a good stock before levelling up again and building the next building.
    Now I always have the materials before I have the building. For example, I should go up to level 57 in the next couple days, then it'll take a couple days to build my race track. At this moment, I have all the glass and bricks I'll need, and I'm short two slabs because I just used four in the zoo, knowing I'll easily get them back in the next three/four days.

    Remaining barn space is filled with extras of things that are needed a lot. Sugar/syrup/caramel/cream/cheese/butter/bagels are all needed for further recipes so I always try to have a good stock of those in (as much as 9 of each).
    I try to keep all production queues empty unless I'm deliberately restocking an item, in case I need something extra. I don't want to find I need one muffin and I've just queued three cheesecakes to make barn space.

    There are typically zero animal products or feed in my barn. They all stay in animal pens/feed mills until needed.

    I also keep zero crops in my barn (unless I need umptyhundredthousand corn for a train or whatever).
    I have my farm plots set up as:
    10 wheat
    6 corn
    6 carrot
    9 sugarcane
    6 cotton
    9 strawberries
    6 tomatoes
    6 pine trees
    7 potatoes
    6 cacao
    6 rubber
    6 silk
    4 peppers
    3 rice

    Whenever I pick something I replant it, and top up from the market/co-op requests if needed.
    If I get a train needing 50 corn for example, I harvest everything up to and including cotton, sell it and replant with corn. Once corn is all gathered, I replant the original items.

    I find I rarely struggle to get anything I need because I (usually) have a bit of everything available.

    I hope there's something useful in there.

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    Pretty much the same thing I do, though on level 68 with barn of 885, I just store 5 of kind, where you keep only three.
    My fields though are designated a bit differently.

    6*3 fields for wheat, corn carrot - i.e. fast crops
    6*3 fields for sugar/cotton, strawberry, tomatoes - medium speed crops
    6*2 fields for pine trees, potatoes - long speed crops
    4*6 fields for rice, roses, jasmine and pepper - they form somewhat specific group of exotic crops

    14*2 fields for rubber tree and silk - this may well be called insanely long crops

    Cacao is planted overnight instead of any or all exotics. Or bought.
    I have a huge market, so shortages of any crops can be filled from boxes. Also I tend to store like 12-24 of every crop, if there are no materials collected in the barn for the next cb or enclosure. They can be sold anytime ofc, if space is needed.
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