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Thread: Managing Barn Space

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    Managing Barn Space

    As a relatively new township player, I am always struggling with keeping spaceavailable in my barn.I am sure that it's a part of the game that every other player deals with, on an ongoing basis, but I am wondering how big other players barns usually are and when/if there is a good size to stick with, and stop letting the supplies needed for the next upgrade take up more space then will be gained by upgrading. My last upgrade was 435->460 but I gained more than the 25 spots fro
    just using the material I needed to do it. Any other tips on barn space management are welcome and appreciated.

    edit: I have a feeling this topic may have been covered in the beginners section, I spent a fair amount of time browsing the posts there, with limited success(due to my own poor navigation skills, more than anything else), and TBH, I missed being in my town so I took the direct route to finding answers. Sorry if doing so is against any rules of the forum, or poor etiquette.

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