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Thread: 16.10 Become a Beta Tester!

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    I would like to become a beta tester.



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    I would like to be a beta tester to

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    I Like to bei a Beta Tester. I Play 3-5 Times a day

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    I'm interested in beta testing!

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    A beta tester yes, because I am almost on level 400 and I play all of the time, I have so many suggestions

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    i like to beta test the apps i like i already beta test some apps for some company which i cant give more details because i sign a non disclosure agreement i play 6h hour a days on all apps i do prety much noting else off my time

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    I would love to be a Beta tester.

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    I'd LOVE to be a Beta Tester, I love & Have been playing your games sense Before you guys started making them playable for mobile Devices. I love playing these games(So Addicting) whether their for the PC/MAC are iOS/Android; to be able to help you guys make them better then they already are(My Personal Opinion) just by simply playing them & giving you my Feedback, would be so COOL

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    I would be interested to know whether
    • a Playrix person ever reacted to this, by PM or so? hello, Eugene?
    • Playrix really has not found their 20 beta testers after FOUR months and 44 pages? ;-D

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    I love beta testing! Count me in

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