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Thread: 16.10 Become a Beta Tester!

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    comme pour township , je refait ma proposition pour tester la beta je suis sur ces jeux 8 h /jours 7/7

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    i would love to become a beta tester as i love playing these games and hopefully there will be more like it

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    I like to be a beta tester. I play both Gardenscapes and Homescapes. But not only me, but also my 6 year old son Thomas helps. Sometimes he does even better then me.
    I play a few times a day and even more if I have a level that’s difficult to win. Now must I say when I am on a roll in finishing levels I also can’t stop playing.
    Also love the story line which invites me to go on. Wondering how his parents will react on new things.
    And if I can’t be a beta tester I still love to play and be curious off all of the new developments 😁

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    Fellow software developer here would love to help with some beta testing in particular perhaps finding more technical issues that others may have missed.

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    I play numerous times a day and enjoy the game. Would be happy to be a beta tester. Thanks.

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    I finish all level until now. I would like to be a beta tester. You will not regret with your decision
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    Would love to be a beta tester! I play these games all the time!

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    I'd love to be a tester. I have been playing a lot to GardenScapes (leve 1445) and just 3 days ago started playing HomeScapes (level 63) and I love both of them!!

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    I love your games! I’d love to be a tester . I play the game every time I get new lives, and would love to be able to help make it even more fun to play. I’m always trying to get more people to play as well!
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    I would love to be a Beta tester! I play this game constantly and Love it!

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