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Thread: 16.10 Become a Beta Tester!

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    if this isn't country specific (i live in germany) then i'd like a chance at being a beta tester

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    I would love to become a beta tester. The game is fun and anythimg to help you all improve or collect information would be exciting!

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    I would be more than happy to assist you

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    Hello Playrix!

    I would like to become a BETA-tester. I have quite good experience in bugreporting and contributing in the way such as new ideas regarding the upcoming updates.
    I have experience from other games such as a text based RPG called BurningMUD where i help develop the game and make it better.

    How do we know if you like some of us to help out? Feel free to contact me whenever you like! I am very much interested in this! :-)

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    It would be Amazing if I'd be the Beta tester! I love Homescapes and I also play Township and gardenscapes. I play homescapes regularly and always check to see if I have lives. I'm a high school student in Pakistan and always have my phone beside me whenever I'm studying or doing anything else. I also have insomnia so I'm always awake even at late hours. If I become one of the Beta testers then I'll be sure to give updates ASAP about the game. I've studied computer myself and I'm also trying to make my very own game so I know how much hard work goes in the process of game development.
    I hope you consider my request and chose me as one of the Beta testers!

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    Been playing since it has come out, would be awesome to be part of the chosen few

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    Would love to be a beta tester please. Adore the game.

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    I want to be a beta tester!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene Bobylev View Post
    Calling all the homeowners!

    We're looking for 20 enthusiasts who are interested in testing our future updates. While Homescapes is only 1 month old, it moves forward really fast. We’ve got many exciting features in development and would really like to get feedback from experts just like you!

    Here’s what you’ll do:
    - Play the beta version of the upcoming update and file bug reports;
    - Send all the feedback you want and make feature requests;
    - Communicate with the people who develop one of the most popular mobile games!

    Here’s what we’ll do:
    - Offer early access to the upcoming updates with all their secrets and mysteries;
    - Send you the latest information on recent game improvements;
    - Respond to your feedback and improve the game accordingly

    If all this sounds interesting to you, make sure to leave a comment in this thread sharing with us what you can do for the game and why you are a perfect candidate for it. Become a part of the awesome beta testers group and take a glimpse into the unknown!

    Best of luck and thank you very much!

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    I would love to be a Beta tester for the game I play many games and have been an avid game player for years, I am on level 95 on Homescapes so far, I play daily

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    I would love to be a beta tester! I play this game many times during the day and I have a lot of time to dedicate to testing new features and reporting bugs.

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