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Thread: 16.10 Become a Beta Tester!

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    16.10 Become a Beta Tester!

    Calling all the homeowners!

    We're looking for 20 enthusiasts who are interested in testing our future updates. While Homescapes is only 1 month old, it moves forward really fast. We’ve got many exciting features in development and would really like to get feedback from experts just like you!

    Here’s what you’ll do:
    - Play the beta version of the upcoming update and file bug reports;
    - Send all the feedback you want and make feature requests;
    - Communicate with the people who develop one of the most popular mobile games!

    Here’s what we’ll do:
    - Offer early access to the upcoming updates with all their secrets and mysteries;
    - Send you the latest information on recent game improvements;
    - Respond to your feedback and improve the game accordingly

    If all this sounds interesting to you, make sure to leave a comment in this thread sharing with us what you can do for the game and why you are a perfect candidate for it. Become a part of the awesome beta testers group and take a glimpse into the unknown!

    Best of luck and thank you very much!
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    I would love to be a beta tester!!!!

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    I would love to become a beta tester!

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    Will I lose all my game progress in the current homescapes app on my phone? I've beaten many hard levels which are hard to let go of 😁

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    I want to be a beta tester please please please I'm on level 52 and everyday I try to get all level... I'm very interested by this game and I want go have more level and more news inside

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    I’d love to be a beta tester, Love the game and would be awesome to help with improvements/future things

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    I'd love to try the beta testing. Maybe I'll make better progress than I actually do in the game!

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    Would love to beta test!

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    I would love to be a beta tester. I've done beta on several other apps, and I play everyday

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    I would LOVE to beta test!

    I would LOVE to beta test! I play all the time!

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