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Thread: Show Your Home!

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    How do you take a screenshot with a samsung tablet? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiona Gibb View Post
    How do you take a screenshot with a samsung tablet? Thanks
    You have to press the home button and the power button at the same time until a white border flashes around the edges of the screen. The resulting screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

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    I enjoy looking for the treasures hidden by Austin's great-grandfather and then decorate the house with them.

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    Hi guys im new to the forum, dedicated player from South America, will upload more.

    My garden...

    Upstairs museum..

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    It looks awesome! I’m just wrapping up the dining room hopefully at level 215.

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    I wish we can visit other homes.

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    Party Room and Balcony

    Please Note the marked area in the lower left corner..
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    Red face My home

    Entrance: One of my favourite rooms :D

    Kitchen: very difficult to decorate in a pretty manner :'D

    Bedroom: Gosh, this was also difficult to decorate with the limitation

    Garden part 1:

    Garden part 2: I struggled a long time to find some color balance in this area haha

    Living room: Not finished, but I like it

    I really enjoy seeing different methods of decorating in homescapes, so far I haven't seen anyone who decorates exactly the same. Fun.

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