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Thread: Show Your Home!

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    Show Your Home!

    Since it's not possible to each other's homes (as is the case w/Gardenscapes), feel free to share screenshots of yours here.

    I always enjoy seeing how players have worked within the limited design options we have.

    With respect to my home, I've completed Austin's bedroom and the foyer/living room...

    ...and am now working on the kitchen (which doesn't seem like it's going to be easy to make look nice).
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    Very nice Amoria. Wish I could figure out that "adding a picture" thing (just can't seem to do this). Eveytime I try to upload pictures on my Profile page, or even trying to use "insert image" icon, I get the message "Upload Failed." I will keep trying. I am only on level 49, but have been enjoying the game.

    PS: Still not sure why my Forum Profile pic of me and mom, and my Avator worked, but I can't seem to get anything else too.

    10.20.17: Finally figured out how to upload (took me 7 months - Geeze). I will post mine when I get a little further.
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    I need to figure out how to do screenshots on a Kindle. lol I used a combination of the dark green and dark red for my hall, but the dark red in yours looks fabulous, too.
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    As much as I can fit in one screenshot
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    Working on the garden now.

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    I doubt I'll ever get that far, so it's really nice to see your beautiful homes! thanks for sharing

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    Wonder why you got the couch choice; was not one of mine. And why do the designers think poofs are good for anyone? I wouldn't want to sit on or offer one to a guest!

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    yup... really nice to see also the differences between the rooms, like here (last two posts with pictures) the garden area! Thanks, guys! Looks great, both!

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