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Thread: Kindle link to Laptop?

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    Alexa Maszjerik

    Kindle link to Laptop?


    I'm sure that this has been a question before but I can't fine a decisive answer.

    I started this game on my kindle and I love, love, love it. I linked it to my facebook page and have my pic and everything - I can link to fb forums and stuff and use those no problem.

    I have a friend that I have played all kinds of games with over the last few years and he wants to play this game with me so I sent him about 10 dozen fb requests and my in game friend code from my kindle township game to his laptop fb and he doesn't get them. I can even see his fb pic when I send him the request. He started a township game from facebook on his laptop.

    So then I decided that I would play from facebook - because my game is linked to facebook right? I started the game from facebook on my laptop and i see his picture as a friend, but he's my only friend! And my facebook laptop game is new and started from the beginning!

    Is there a way to play my kindle/amazon game from facebook on my laptop?

    Thank you!!!!!


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    Rachel Granoff
    The pc game is totally different. On your kindle you play township mobile, on your pc it's just township. So the answer is no. Sorry.

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    Rachel Granoff
    It's two separate and totally different games

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