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    Can you sync between a lap top/desk top to a tablet or phone?

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    Hi, you can only sync your game between ios, android & kindle devices.
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    Why am I unable to access my mobile game inside of Facebook?

    Why am I unable to access my mobile game inside of Facebook? My mobile game is connected to my Facebook account, but when I access the game from within Facebook it made me start a new game. Why?

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    Because the mobile and facebook versions of the game are completely separate. You can't sync game between them. See this post for more details.

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    but she said almost 9 months ago they were trying to fix that issue. could it be she lied? /GASP! cause it definatley takes that long to fix....

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    Curt, if you are referring to the post that dreadnought linked to above, a few hints: Nataly didn't call it an issue nor their work a fix; she called it a feature. That's quite a difference, and above all no promise.
    Then one can safely assume, she gave the info she had at that time - calling it a lie in your first post here is ... well, if you're an adult, I'd think you know how that comes across.
    And lastly, Nataly said there that it's impossible "at the moment". So it's a very long moment, obviously. ;p And it probably would be a good idea to rephrase your problem.

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    Aww, bummer. How come? My tablet is dying and I was thinking I could just use my laptop to play instead (can't see well enough to play on the phone). Is it the same for all playrix games, do you know, Pink? I currently play township, gardenscapes and homescapes... Would suck to have to quit, but I just can't afford a new tablet and I won't start over now. At maximum level in GS and level 70 in TS. Homescapes is fairly new but a few hundred levels in already.
    Glad I found this so I can stop looking for a solution now at least. Thanks.

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    Depending on the platform you're playing, you can sync your progress between devices:

    For Township (more details HERE):
    - iOS/Android/Kindle can be synced between them
    - Windows Phone can be synced only with Windows 10 (PC)
    - MAC can't be synced with anything
    - Facebook version is a separate game, can't be synced with any of the other

    For Gardenscapes/Homescapes: (details HERE)
    - Android, Amazon or iOS
    - Facebook is separate

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