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Thread: 15.10 Looking For Beta-Testers! Join The Team!

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    I will most certainly be the perfect beta tester. Everytime my phone alerts me that my lives have been restored I play. Plus when I get hours of life from the orangey flower. I am playing until time runs out. Asked my kids I'll sit for hours! Even downloaded the app to my sons iPad so I could keep playing!

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    Hey!! I would love to be a beat tester. Since I am waiting for 25 new levels every week. I am currently in level 1751 and waiting till next week. The treasure chests are getting boring so meanwhile I play homescapes. I hope you pick me. Thank you

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    If you are looking for a beta-tester who spends hours on this game every day, then I'm the person to choose. I love this game. Maybe even a little too much, to be honest. It really helps me to unwind after work.

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    Beta testers

    i would be a good beta tester because I am a daily player. I’m pretty good at the game. I love playing this game and Homescapes. I’m always playing even waiting at the drs or anywhere.
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    I would be the perfect player. I am totlaay addicted to this game. Can’t put my laptop down, I would love to give feedback on bug fixes and game content.

    Please please please pick me

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    I'd love to be a tester. I play the game so often I'm not even sure what level I'm on. 1040 or close to it. Thanks for your consideration.

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    I play the games every day. Play on IPad and iPhone so can report issues with both. Love gardenscapes and homescapes.

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    I would love the honor to beta test this game! I play it all the time and get hooked very easily! I now even go back and forth between this one and homescape. I would love to get the updates and provide feedback to make the game I love even more popular!

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    Quisiera ser parte de la prueba. Los latinos americanos les gustaría escuchar nuestro consejo feliz día para todoa

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    I would love to join your team..i believe i could be a great asset if given a chance

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