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Thread: 15.10 Looking For Beta-Testers! Join The Team!

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    I would love to be a beta tester. I play everyday and I've done beta testing for several other apps.

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    I will be a great beta tester because I really love the game. I play it every day, enjoying all the levels and the very good story

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    Hello, I'm 20 years old. I'm playing this game 5-7 hours every day. I'm middle react front-end developer and know about QA, bug report, development. That's why I would be nice as beta-tester. I like this game, I like Austin and his garden You can check my activity in your game since I've started to play it ^_^. Thank you!
    My viber\telegram: +38050 730 32 22

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    I would love to beta test your new game...I play both garden and homescapes everyday...can’t wait for a new one....

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    I’d be a perfect candidate because I play every day and love this game!

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    I play every day and would be a good beta tester. I’m very observant to detail.

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    I would love to be a beta tester !! I play the game loyally every day through out the day ! I have seen a few things in Garden scapes that I think would improve game play and still offer the challenge of beating the levels. I find that some levels although very challenging can cause players to get frustrated and quit playing that can be resolved with a minor fix. Any way again I would love to be a bets tester !!

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    I would like a testeur because I love playing with all yours games like garden escape, town chip etc...

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    I play the game many times throughout the day and would love the opportunity to be a beta tester. I enjoy discovering bugs and have many ideas to improve the game x

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    I would love to help
    I’m on around level 1250 so have a great understanding on how the game works I also play my game on 2 different devices a kindle fire hdx8.9 and an iPhone so I can also help with glitches on both systems

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