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    More Ideas

    It would be cool, if Austin would feed the cat, if I tap on the feeding bowl of the cat. Its name is Wuschel. 😁

    Match-3 ideas:
    - An Undo Booster, so that I can undo a move.
    - A game piece exchanger, with that I can exchange two objects with each other.
    - A spider, that makes spider webs on the game pieces, so that they are like in chains. By a combination besides the spider webs the spider webs should disappear.

    How would be this: At the end of a level every game piece type has a other value. By the explosion of the bombs of the remaining moves a high score will be generated. Then 10 % of this will be converted into coins.

    - At last: It would be good, if I had access to all boosters in the level while playing. I would like to place a bomb, a fireworks or a dynamite or a mirror ball or a paper plane at the place, where I need it.

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    Hello, Krandi!
    Thank you for all your great ideas! I'll send them to the development team, hope they use your ideas some day!

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