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Thread: Storyline or Episodes

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    Storyline or Episodes

    I think it would be interesting if there were short stories or episodes that would pop-up now and then while doing heli-orders. It could be a string of orders to fill with more characters and background info/story than average orders, and reward more coins/cash or ingots, etc. as the orders/story progresses. It could be available as a one time storyline/quest (per town) and have a uniquely designed order pin similar to video ads or the mafia's gold pin. Maybe it could tie in with some other events going on, or reward some new decorations, etc.
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    Bethany Clarke
    This sounds like a really cool idea. And maybe the things the townspeople ask for could actually make sense in the context of the story. lol

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    Wow, that's sounds really nice! I will make sure to present it to the developers, the game could use a bit of more background and storytelling thanks for sharing!

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