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Thread: Where is my inventory?

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    Where is my inventory?

    When holding down an item different options come up: cancel, sell, inventory, and ok. When I Click the box it goes into my inventory and a number comes up telling me how many items I have in my inventory. After that my inventory is gone, i dont know how to get into my inventory to get my items back. I'm very confused! Please help!

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    Hi Scarlett'smom.

    If you are referring to decorations, they are probably going into your storage - tap on Decorations tab and look for open box icon (2nd from left) and tap on it. You should find all your stored items there and can get them back by tapping on them.

    If it is houses, they cannot be stored, only sold - and they return to housing inventory.

    Community Buildings cannot be stored or sold.

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    Hi Scarlett'smom, I just had a look at the procedure you're describing and noticed the stored item seems to fly to the right of the screen (into a box). So, just in case... you find the Decorations tab that Nana mentions in/behind the yellow hardhat at bottom right.

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