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Thread: Booster Dispensers

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    Booster Dispensers

    I am on level 129 where I have to get 7 rainbow boosters. There are two dispensers in the bottom corners, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how they work exactly. They seem to drop boosters completely at random. I've made matches underneath them, sometimes they drop a booster and sometimes they don't. What is the trick to getting them to drop something?
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    Dispensers randomly drop the item or items pictured on the front of the dispenser. There's no way to control it. All you can do is keep the rows underneath them as clear as possible so you can get as many drops as possible.

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    I am stuck on the same level, they seem to be totally random after the initial drops. I have made a bunch of matches on the one on the left with none dropping then it drops on the right one with one match.

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