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Thread: Favorite Things About Township

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    Favorite Things About Township

    Hello peeps, given how much we all (including me) understandably use the forum to find answers when stuff goes wrong, I thought I’d start a thread about things we really like about the game, just for a bit of balance.

    Today, I love the sense of community, here on the forum, in our coops and wider friend groups. If I’m a bit bored or lonely, there’s always somebody around to share a little hello or a gigantic natter with, and that’s a lovely thing.

    I love that the game always seems to make me wait just long enough for new things for me to be excited, but not too frustrated. So for me, it is paced just right, which is no mean feat to achieve. So, kudos for that, Devs.

    I like the flexibility that is built in too. I can have a realistic and functional town, a whimsical and decorative town, or anything in between. I can zoo or not zoo, race or not race. So those are nice things.

    Okay, anyone else wanna join in my happy parade? While reserving the right to have a moan too, obvs..

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    I like the continuity of the Forum life from the ancient days until the present.
    Some of the members from those days are still posting on the Forum.

    And the Forum has not become ingrown and ossified. There is always an influx
    of new energy into the mix.

    Put me in the clown, stooge, and buffoon section of your parade.

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    Harrumph. Ancient days? Township/Forum is only barely 4 years old - we’re all just toddlers.

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    Bessville, great thread. It is a perfect game for chronically ill people (like myself), people who battle OCD tendencies (like myself), as that soothing calmness of harvesting, planting, the absolutely awesome graphics, new updates monthly, and I could go on and on. I just love any moving decorations, and especially any moving water decorations that Playrix gives us to decorate with. Everything just looks so real, with the "fun and glitter" added in. I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me, as this game will lift my spirits. Very fond of Regatta Tuesday too, and not to forget the great people on this Forum, where I can guarantee you will find a chuckle or two (or more!) everyday. I am a big fan (can you tell?)
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    Biggest town near us is Acton Indiana
    My favorite things about township are chatting with my co-op friends and helping and getting help from my friends and some non friends as well. Also I love the graphics and everything the devs do to make holidays fun. I must say I do like the new seasons and i even like the fact we get a week off in between seasons. If I get burnt out i can take a week off racing and concentrate on helping my friends.

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    My favourite thing about township is that it gave me the opportunity to meet my absolutely wonderful friends in our coop, Tiggers Den.

    Whilst i love township for its game play and graphics, the fact playrix created a way for people from all parts of the world to come together is the best part by far....and having this forum is an extension of the same idea!

    Thanks Bessville for starting this thread, and thanks playrix for starting the coops!

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    I don't usually get into games, I've tried several and have lost interest once I get stuck on a level. But Township is different and I'm completely hooked! The things I like about it are:
    1. Different games within the game so it's never boring.
    2. How cute everything is. Buildings,farm animals, cars, people.
    3. You can make your town as elaborate or as simple as you want.
    But the best thing is that for a few hours you can forget about all the political problems, disasters, attacks, and hatred in the world and just find happiness in your own peaceful town.

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    Well this is all lovely and uplifting, thanks for all replying! Do carry on...

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    Yes! Those are some of my favorite things as well (Katville). I like getting to decorate the town in a way I like. There are a lot of great decorations (even if a liiiiiiitle off scale). I love the games within the game. I really enjoy the new themed regattas and themed decorations that go with them. I loved the airplane minigame! How I wish it was a more regular part of the game since it was so similar to regattas in that you were seeing how far a vehicle of sorts could go, but also unique to itself at the same time. Making the parts out of the random items with the mad scientist was hilarious and my favorite and I loved it. I also really love the Halloween update. The music can get a little old at times (just in general, in this update or not), but all the hilarious Halloween decorations and townsfolk around town, and even the dressed up farm animals and stray cats on the street! I'm glad there are so many updates that keep this game fresh. And as mentioned by Sweetness123, it really helps me wind down and gives me something to do as a person with health issues as well. Plus all the members of my co-op are super friendly and nice. It took a bit to find them, but I love that my co-op chats and communicates regularly. And I'll admit, I'm glad they keep things censored and monitored, so that things don't get too dicey. We are still total strangers after all xD. It's been great. And I love the zoo. I'm glad there are so many different animals and I'll admit they are fun to watch x)
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    Bessville,what an excellent way to get some positive feedback,we complain and moan,and frown so easily,now here is a chance to smile while you read about all the good things.I love all of it,co op members,decorations,buildings,the veggies ect ,simply everything.But most of all,giving families like mine the chance to join hands in a co op,my daughter and grandson also players in the game moved to the UK,I was devastated,now its so wonderful,having them in my co op ,chatting,working together .I am working on getting more family members to join.So from me a thank you straight from my heart

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