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Thread: Community Free of Bullying

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    Community Free of Bullying

    Hi everyone!

    A few days ago I received a number of messages regarding some drama that's been going on here at the forum recently. As I first thought, it was just a matter of different opinions.

    However, after looking into this a little further, I found out that the issue is a bit more complicated than I expected. Actually, it turned out that some of our forum members were bullying and trolling other forumers. And I just can't remain silent any longer. I'm making this statement public because the harassment has reached a severe level (mostly in private messages) and I want all of you guys to know that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

    I believe that each player in each of our communities (Facebook, forum, in-game chat, etc.) deserves to be in a safe and respectful community free of bullying and drama. Let's not forget what we all are here for - we all love Township and want to make new friends.

    Therefore, all forum admins and I will continue to work to ensure that the Township Community remains a friendly place to hang out in and have fun. I also want to let you guys know that if I notice any vicious or provoking comments or other disrespectful behavior in any of its forms, I will temporarily ban those who violate our forum rules without warning.

    Thank you all in advance for your understanding!


    P.S. Sending lots of hugs to each and every one of you Behave yourselves!
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm deleting all provoking comments to the thread. There should be no place for drama like this in our community. As I previously said, I would temporarily ban those involved in violating our forum rules.

    I really hope that we could all get over this whole situation, once the temporary bans are lifted (in 5-10 days from now). As always, thank you for your support and understanding!

    P.S. Hey Cobalt and Robin! Your comments are too awesome The July update is coming soon, really soon!

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