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Thread: Crashing EVERY TIME

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    every single time, CRASH!

    again, every single timeanother crash.jpg

    the developers do the same things as Microsoft, you push out an update that isn't fully vetted and you wait for the crash reports and try to fix one bug at a time, meanwhile all of the gamers get frustrated, lose bonuses and just give up....thanks so much

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    same for me getting very upset now

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    no did not work please fix the game

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    I've been having the same problem as well and I've found that it crashes during very specific moments. Namely when trying to give the results of one of the competitions. I've turned off wifi and I can play the game no problem. Of course I can't interact with my teammates or participate in any of the competitions. I'm not even sure if I can get the newly released levels with the wifi off, so I'll turn it on when I'm not playing the game and hope it updates that way. But at least I can play what's there.

    Seeing as it's only a problem when the wifi is on and trying to give the updates for a competition, I don't think it's just the bright and colorful graphics.

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    SICK off it !!! Constantly crashing and wont load... refresh does NOTHING !! So over this game !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acdaveluy View Post
    Every time I open the game it gets all the way to the "play" screen (if it doesn't crash while loading) then when I hit the play button the screen goes dark and the game crashes. This has happened a lot lately but normally if I close it out and uninstall/reinstall it I can get it to nothing is working since the new update. It's EXTREMELY frustrating!!! Please help!
    I am too. Every time I leave the kitty event. Every few times I use coins to complete a task. Sometimes after I finish a board, before it competes the payout.
    Unity, I assume a 3rd party, keeps crashing.

    It's started 2 updates ago.

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    here it is August 4 and they still have not fixed this at all, they continue to try and tell the gamers it is their system, reboot, force close, uninstall and reinstall. BAH! they pushed the update out before the bugs were worked out and they are not fixing it

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    YEP !! its VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!!!

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    My game has crashed 3 times in 24 hours. It takes away my chest full of power ups each time. I'm beyond frustrated. How do I get reimbused for the power ups I now have to buy in order to beat the level? Julie

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