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Thread: Best Time To Send A Plane

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    Best Time To Send A Plane

    This may seem a stupid comment but here goes.

    I have been playing for a little while and never really understood when was the best time to send off my fully
    Loaded train.
    Do you send it off as soon as it is full or just before the time is up.

    Are you rewarded for filling quick and getting the plane off within the first couple of hours or are you best to wait until you can use the 15 hours during your dYtime .if this makes any sense.
    Other words .send plane at night so that it arrives in the morning giving you max time to fill it.

    Whew I hope this makes sense
    Raewyn thanks

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    The beauty of this game is that we can do many things our own way. There is not A way to do things.

    I always send my plane as soon as possible. This way I get another faster.
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    Hi Blondie37!

    Some say delaying the sending-off will help get easier requests from the plane the next time around.
    Some say this makes no difference. (I never noticed any either.)

    But filling and sending quick is definitely not rewarded in any way.

    Most send them as soon as they can, simply to get the next plane.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Great name BTW!
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    Hi thank you for your quick reply
    I really did think that sending off quick would gain you a reward but not..

    I have been caught though with plane only partly filled late at night and I was not prepared to stay up all night to send off at 3 am
    I still am not sure when is the best time to send.
    Maybe before I close down for the evening so it arrives in the morning

    Maybe I am over thinking it

    Cheers Raewyn

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    I would need to check my next plane but I believe we receive more bonus coins when we send it back faster. I can't tell you how much as I do not look at coins rewards anymore.

    P.S. I just sent a plane and I was mistaken. The time reward gives XP and wings only. No coins.

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    no mistake IMO, Graylady, just no coins: The wings don't count anymore (did they ever?), but the XP may be an incentive for lower lvls. I remember that I read it here, when I started, just like upgrading the mint is a possibility for that. (only that i didn't want to level up too fast :-) )

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    I time it, sort of. Not so much during the day, but I try to not send off a plane that will get back between 10pm-1am. There is too much of a risk that I will check into the game after it arrives but without enough time to finish it and send it off, so then I would have to rush in the morning to send it off before I run out of time.

    Optimal for me is: check in around 10am, fill plane and send off, check in again around 4-6 pm, fill what I can, start stuff in factories/crops and flag boxes, check again around 9pm, finish filling and send plane off around 930-10pm. Then it is waiting for me in the morning and I have the full 15 hours to fill it if needed.

    Like Graylady said, there is no one "right" way. This is what works for me.
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    Personally I send the plane off as fast as I can. After that I start preparing factories and produce what the next plane needs.
    I prefer to have the plane sent off fast because I find the plane having lots of advantages empties my always over filled barn, gives money and xp...gems...building material. And I like to get as much tools as I can for barn expansions and gems are needed for boosters and zoo.

    But as others pointed out there is no right or wrong way. People have different styles of playing
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    There is an avatar for sending four planes in one day. To get that without using t-cash, you most probably need to send the first plane an 12:01 am.
    There is some achievement for sending something like 25 fully loaded planes in a row.
    Besides that there is no reason to be afraid to fail a plane. You can send a newly arrived away empty, because you will get an easier cargo in the next one.
    Later in the game the planes become the best source of gems, because each loaded plane guarantees to give you one.
    But no, you shouldn't really bother timing them. If some of them goes away unloaded, it's ok. You will get the achievements anyway, when you barn gets bigger and your factories get better.
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    Early in play say 1st two years hardly ever messed with plains never had enough to fill the plains or friends that could help. Now I have a barn filled with goodies and friends all over 100 so I get plenty of help if needed. I have sent out a plan 10 days straight I needed gems for the zoo and this is the best place to get them. Saying that I have not noticed any big change in the amount of goods required and have not had to ask for help. I do though during the Regatta as many players need to help fill plains or trains for their tasks. Good luck
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