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Thread: 13.10 Twenty Beta-Testers Needed!

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    I'd love to be a beta tester, please.

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    I wanted to help out because I am also a newbie mobile developer. I wanted to help you more on the quality of Township.

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    I would love to do this! I really enjoy the game and have played everyday since I downloaded it to my Android tablet.

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    This sounds awesome. I would love to help out by being a beta tester. I’m a daily player and highly addicted to this game! Please keep me in mind! Thanks a bunch!

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    This is something I can do!! It would be an honor to do it as well! I’m level 48, leader of a newer co-op and I play the game daily. I love, Love, Love this game so I would be very willing to give honest feedback!! Keep up the great work!! And pick me!!!!

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    I am very interested in helping out. I'm on Township multiple times a day each day. I'm not employed outside my home. I have lots of time just for you!

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    I am a very dedicated player who does not miss a minute without being glued to the game even during flights.level 82 and holder of 30+ golden trophies,regatta is my life.i really love this game and would love to test the updates.

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    I'd love to help you guys! I work with mobile app tests.

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    I'm game Been on the game for @800 days in a row, in a good coop so I would be able to see how it affects game play in a variety of arenas

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    I would love to help!

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