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Thread: Way to invite friends to coop besides Facebook

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    Way to invite friends to coop besides Facebook

    I do not have a Facebook account. Why can't I invite my friends in the game to join my co-op?

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    Currently, Saucy, there are only 3 types of co-op:

    Invitation Only (iOS/Facebook or Google+/Facebook
    By Request

    You can read about the differences in these types here:!

    Remember, this is a very new addition to the game, and it will probably be fine tuned and changed as things progress.

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    Renay Stefko
    Very good suggestion 😊
    I recently left a co-op in search for more generosity, planning to invite a few members from my past group, but once I found a decent group I was disappointed that I couldn't invite those past friends and members.

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    Hi Nana:

    Thanks for the response. I understand the rules and I reviewed them. I simply don't really understand why I can't invite my friends already in the game. When I visit their towns because they are requesting help fulfilling orders the button is ALREADY there on the page but it is grey and therefore inactive for me. The button is presumably to dis-invite people but it would surely be easy to engineer it to also be allowed to invite people to one's coop. Alternatively, perhaps one could invite them within the friends tab as one can invite or disinvite friends. Just some thoughts...

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    I've just set up a co-op & want to invite friends from my old co-op but can't is there anyway i can let them know name of co-op ?

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