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Thread: Zoo Question For Graylady & Cobalt

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    Zoo Question For Graylady & Cobalt

    As you both know I finally reached Level 45. My heart meter has been full for a couple of weeks while I wait for a new enclosure to be released. In the meantime I still fill a few baskets here and there - very random. I have noticed even with scanty basket filling, I have earned quite a few gems, more frequent than when I was playing to the max to catch up.

    So, my question to both of you is: has this always been the case in your observations? I am asking because I have no way to gauge if this is a gem distribution improvement or if it was always the case once you reached the highest level.

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    Hi Nana

    You get more gems and I get flooded with timber. LOL I do not need any as I can't upgrade my shops for lack of animals. I sold at least 60 already!

    I do not remember getting more gems once we have filled the stars for the next level. I will take notes in the next couple of days. They may have improved the gems distribution.

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    Nana, I'm definitely getting more, usually 3 each sweep of all the shops. I posted in your other zoo thread a few days or so ago. Managed to get all my bald eagles, afterall.

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    Thanks GL and Pink. So.......maybe I should pay more attention to filling those baskets.

    Also, Pink, I did read your other post, however, I was so focused on leveling up and very short of timber always that I haven’t done much in the way of Zoo upgrades. None of my venues have all 8 baskets, for instance. So I figured only fully upgraded ones got more gems.

    So, here I am, with an average of 6 baskets, not filling all of them by far, and I still have earned more gems than I normally did. Now, I don’t want to overstate this - I still have a massive gem shortfall from where I need to be, but I’ll take ANY improvement in gems I can get! LOL

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    Exactly, me too! I'm still getting plenty of unwanted timber thrown my way, but as long as those gems keep coming, I'll be a happy bunny!

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    I'm not Cobalt or Graylady, and my hearts are not full because I hardly ever fill my baskets. But when I do fill them, 75% of the time I get gems.

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    Seems like better gem distributions in zoo and less in HOL. Acouple peeps in our co-op have noticed. Atleast since start of Halloween.

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    Sheesh, I am seeing this thread for the first time! My bad. Thankfully Redneck Junction replied to bring it back to the surface.

    My better half plays the game much better than I and has had no possible zoo updates available for some time. So, I have been playing catch up as well. Because of that, I also have noticed a wonderful hit rate with gems in zoo shops.

    A statistician's favorite response to such a question is "Is there a statistical significance to the apparent increase in gems scored?" In other words, could the apparent increase still be within random chance? I doubt anyone can give the standard deviation to that! Certainly not I.

    It is good thing to keep playing the zoo as part of overall gem strategy. Even though maxed, I like you, still do this.
    And my impression is, it is a better hit rate than it formerly was.

    My apologies for not giving a more timely response.

    Be blessed,
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