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Thread: More Places To Earn Gems

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    Danice Arrianne Verceles

    More Places To Earn Gems

    Aside from watching video ads, how else would we be able to earn gems? I hope fishdom will provide like challenging mini games or at least incorporate purple gems as a prize whenever we successfully clear out a level.

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    1. Agreed, an addition of quests, achievements, and ability to replay levels to obtain gems would be awesome. Also if we could replay levels maybe add gems for first time 3 star runs or getting say 20% more than highest-ranking you could earn gems.

    2. Also would love to see more fish varieties, maybe even sharks, whales, ect for an ocean themed aquarium.

    3. Making the match 3 game objects fish 🐳🐋🐟🐠🐡. 😆

    I appreciate your asking for feedback and from what I've witnessed, using it to make an insanely addictive gameeven better.

    MDP 😇

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