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Thread: Super Hard Levels: Have You Seen One?

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    Super Hard Levels: Have You Seen One?

    So i haven't played Gardenscapes for a while, and i just came across of these "Super Hard Levels", that award 2 stars upon completion.

    The purple background makes me think that are related to the Halloween update, does anyone know for sure? Will they be gone once Halloween is over? Or were there even before the most recent update?
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    Resurrecting this because I'm curious! Has anyone else encountered one of these? I have yet to find one.

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    I havent come across one either! Ill be interested to know just how 'super hard' these levels are!
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    I haven't encountered another one since, and i still don't know if it's a normal occurrence, or if it's related to halloween at all. It did award 2 stars upon completion, which was really cool.
    The level was (subjective opinion!) not extremely difficult, this is how it looked like:

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    Wondering if super hard levels are added only for lower levels or if chests players would be able see them too.

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    Im not a chest player, and what are those anyway? I have completed that lvl, but I havnt met any purple rounds.

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    There's another one! Just came across it:

    Edit: wasn't that difficult, finished it with 4 moves to spare, in the 4th try. Got 2 stars and 150 coins for decorations.

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    Thanks dreadnought for posting this too, im glad to hear that it wasn't super hard to beat!
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    And yet another one...

    What i would like to know most is if they are related to halloween at all, and if they will be gone once the event is over. I didn't encounter any before the update, and i think it's a really cool thing to have these pop up from time to time and get 2 stars when completed.

    The other thing is - how come no one else got these levels? I would assume people played a lot during the event to get the decorations, so if it is halloween-related, i would think that there would be a lot of them during the event..

    Edit: this level lives up to its name so far.
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    great idea with the screenshots, dreadnought! just curious, did you make one of every level you played?

    and from reading here, I am wondering whether you are the only one to get these super hard levels, just maybe? ;-D

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