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Thread: Township Information Book

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    Shawn Davis

    Township Information Book

    A Township Book, in kind to the Zoo Animal Book, would give us information regarding, well everything , you can and will happen. For instance I started receiving grape before I knew there was another island to explore. I found that island because my hand twitches occasionally. Another part of the "Book" could list all the different items my grapes could make. The Book could be done in levels so you could find out what product are coming when and what to do with them. I have a truck load of olives and sell them for space because as far as I can see they are only used in shish kabobs. The food items coming in the next levels do not tell me the ingredients so I prey it was on to sell. I realize there is fun attached to not knowing for some people but I'm not one of them necessarily. Thank you!

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    Still a work in progress but there are pages for each factory here, what products it makes and what ingredients are required. The level required for each item is included too, so you know what's coming.

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    Hi Malera.
    I just had a look at the rubber and dairy factories and they both say 8 shelves. Do you know if this means we can add 2 more shelves as the game progresses?

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    Hi cark3n. Yes , we can add shelves through upgrading factories via the Academy of industry

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    Bethany Clarke
    It would be so cool to have a Township book like the zoo book, only it lists all the Townies and their names and a brief bio about them.

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