Hi everyone,

An all-new Fishdom update is out today! DIVE IN NOW:http://plrx.gs/1OfeJgx

Match-3 mode features:
- 900+ amazing levels!
- New in-game element: Iceberg—this bitter cold giant freezes everything around. Don't let it turn the field into a glacier!
- New in-game element: Colorful arrows—they'll clear a part of the field once you match enough pieces of the relevant color.
- The Dice power-up removed due to its low popularity. But a new bonus is coming up!

Tank features:
- 5 new fish: Sailfin Snapper, Indigo Hamlet, Redstripe Hogfish, and others!
- 8 new plants to decorate your aquarium!
- Even more fish sketches—they just can't wait to talk to you!

Go ahead and update the game to get access to the new content!

- Cheers,