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Thread: In-Game Clock

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    In-Game Clock

    I'd love to have the ablility to see what time it is on the game so that I don't lose track of real life commitments. Any chance of getting a clock added? Or maybe allowing us to see our clocks from tablets/desktops/etc.?

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    I suppose the issue is that we are playing across many time zones, so it would be difficult to produce a clock. I often use my airplane timer as a guide, plus I always hire the dealer, so I get a timely reminder ever hour when his head pops up at the market. I am not sure if it is possible to see our own device clock, as we play on lots of different devices with varying screens etc. Somebody I know sets a timer on her phone if she is needing to keep a close eye on the time.

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    My solution - I wear a watch

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