So, I am kind of new to the game. I am level 36. I started out with about a half dozen CB’s at the same time. Completed all of them then read the forum and went on to only build one at a time. I thought I had completed my one building and started the process of setting up another so now I have two at the same time and I cannot get any glass to save my life. This has been going on for over a week. I keep getting bricks and slab. I have been using the trick of selling off the bricks and slab that I don’t need, only to get another over abundance with the incoming train deliveries. I even went to the extreme of deleting ALL of my bricks, slab and glass, hoping that would generate some glass. Nope, just bricks and slab, once again. What on earth am I doing wrong? I’m getting sooo frustrated! PLEASE HELP! I have about a dozen CB’s waiting to start the building process and my population has been stuck at the same spot for over a week because I can’t finish the two that I have!