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Thread: 15.06 New Fishdom Update - Coming Soon!

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    15.06 New Fishdom Update - Coming Soon!

    Hey there!

    You guys all been waiting for the new update and we are now thrilled to reveal some information on it

    In this new version of the game we've decided to replace the Dice power-up with a lot more efficient one. This all-new power-up will definitely come in handy in case you come across a difficult level It will be introduced into the game in one of the future updates and we can't wait for you to try it!

    By the way, those players who still have some Dice power-ups left will be able to use them till they're down to zero.

    - Liza

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    i serously like the game a lot! well done levels with easier ones between the hard ones, very good to keep playng, only confirmation buttons needed, and prizes for gems need to be lower! way lower! i am more then willing to buy for my fun, willing to spend 2-3$ a week, but that should do it to keep me in the game, but at the prizes now, i would have to spent this every day... and that i am not willing!

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