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Thread: new coops friends

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    Rosita Savastano

    new coops friends

    My coop is 6 's impossible to add new members. No fb friends like playing. .and there is no way to invite any of my 58 game friends. Please help

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    Hi. You've posted this in the 'Ideas and Suggestions' section but I'm not quite sure what you are suggesting. If you are asking to be able to invite in-game friends, a number of people have already raised this but Playrix have not indicated that they will do this.

    If you are looking for more members, you can post you co-op details here

    But lots of people have started a co-op and don't have many members. You don't get anything extra for having your own co-op, so maybe another idea is that you and your co-op members could look for another co-op to join. That way you and the other Co-op you join will both benefit.

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    Jewel Markley
    Playrix support team: i have a suggestion for the co ops. As a leader of a co op I am having trouble communicating to all of my members due to not being in the game at the same time. I have a suggestion. Perhaps a bulletin board where the leader can post something they wish all members to read? A tab in the co op menu much like your "news" tab. Just a suggestion but I think it Would make a big difference in communication btw everyone. Thank you for reading this in advance!

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    I think this is a really great idea but am afraid it might get lost given the name of the thread you have added it to.

    To get it reviewed by Playrix, have a look at this post on the best way to add a suggestion here with a useful heading:

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    How do you advance in a co-op? How do you become an Elder or leader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs.patton View Post
    How do you advance in a co-op? How do you become an Elder or leader?
    The leader is the person who started the co-op generally and he or she appoints the elders.

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