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Thread: TV Themed Aquariums

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    TV Themed Aquariums

    In addition to culture/country themed aquariums it would be nice to have popular entertainment tv themes, Family Guy, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Spongebob Square Pants.....etc.....or even Marvel themed....such as Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Fist.

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    Hi Canusa

    Tv themes are specific to each country/language on the planet. What is familiar to you may well be totally unknown to other players.

    Marvel themes would be fun but I doubt Playrix would pay the rights to use them in a free game.

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    Hey guys! That sounds really interesting! However, I'm not sure we'll be able to add these themes I'll still forward your idea to the devs, and, hopefully, we'll see something related to pop culture in the game

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