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    08.06 New Member of Fishdom Community Team

    Hello to all Fishdom players! How's it going?

    My name is Eugene and I'm very excited to join you! Probably, we've met before in Playrix Customer Support and now it's time we met in person. Well, kind of... I believe we'll make good friends so here's a couple of things about myself!

    I live in Russia, the city of Arkhangelsk, right next to the Arctic Ocean. Some people say that we don't talk or smile here often because of the cold, but that is 100% not true and I'll try to prove it here I love games from Playrix so much that I can't imagine how I lived without them before! I'm also into good old literature (19th century was the coolest) and a lot of other stuff.

    So I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys! Oh, and if you'd like to add me as a friend in Fishdom, here's my Facebook page!
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    Welcome aboard Eugene :-)

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