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Thread: Generic Whining Post

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    Can't complain about the weather in Germany these days. We've got a wonderful summer this year (until now). Temperature between 25 and 30°C, a nice light breeze accompanying the blue sky. And in the late evening temperatures go down to 20°C, so you can sleep without sweating.
    Sry guys, I'm trying hard to find something to complain about, but what should I do if the weather doesn't join in...naughty weather
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    New whine topic:

    Everyone on this forum is too nice and welcoming, I can’t get off it! I stayed up until 3 am last night.
    Woke up before I was ready by my stupidly cute, sweet puppy jumping on my face!
    Felt fat, got doughnuts and coffee, enjoyed it to the fullest, and now I’m back at it again.
    My iPad died while I was in the middle of typing this, so I had to type it again!
    Curse you forum, and curse your nice, warm, welcoming people!

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    Just give it time, Virginia..

    Lolz! Kiddinggggg!

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    Bahahahaha, I see how it is!

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    Careful Virginia... Bess'll be sending some of that dodgy karma next... :Side-eye: :grin:

    Did I moan about the weather yet? It's a bit hot here.

    I may melt away before I fin
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    guess I’ll need to stock up on the good karma then!

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    Oh crumbs, somebody pour Nevada into a bucket, willya, or she’ll be soaking into the upholstery (and you know that stain is never coming out, lol).

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    My mother-in-law is now livng with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemone View Post
    My mother-in-law is now livng with us.
    Ooooh definitely win the whining prize!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ann View Post
    Ooooh definitely win the whining prize!
    Thank you. Would the prize hopefully involve her disappearing somehow?

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