Hey there! I was wondering if there is a list or guidelines on XP & leveling up? I know patience is a virtue when it comes to Township but other than filling orders, what's the best way to gain XP? I played Township on my Android years back & got fairly high up so the lower 30 levels are feeling like a drag.

Peaches & watermelon are strictly island products, correct?

Is a 2nd foundry a good idea? I'm sick of not having bars to level up. But then there's always the barn space problem! When did you find a happy medium with storage? I'm assuming upgrading factories for speed helps since keeping stock isn't as crucial. Suggestions on what and what not to keep stocked?

Not many of my friends need help lately. I guess it's because of the co-op? Sigh.

Sorry for the novella.

Thanks in advance! Happy townshipping!