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    Alecia Karsch Schubert


    Ok...not understanding how you work this Co-Op. Created one but can't chat, share or get goods from anyone unless they are Game Center friends or FB friends. Makes no sense as I have 'friends' through Township that I help and vice verse all the time. What am I missing here?

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    Bethany Clarke
    We can't invite in-game only friends, but they can ask to join your co-op if it's By Request or Open. Most people seem to be advertising their co-ops via their town's sign - changing the town name to "Join My Co-op" or something like that in order to let people know they have one.

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    Hi Alecia

    We cannot all have our co-op as there would be no members. That is problem #1. Next, we can't invite our friends unless we are connected to them on a social system.

    You have a choice. You can keep your co-op and change your town name to Join my co-op. While visiting you, your friends may decide to join your co-op. Second choice is closing your co-op and visit your best helpers town. Click on their co-op and click on the JOIN button to get into the co-op you find interesting.

    There is a third option. If you do not mind having a bunch of new friends, you can advertise your co-op on the forums. There is a thread just for that.
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    Alecia Karsch Schubert
    Thanks so much! Very helpful!!

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    I too am Very disappointed that when they developed and released this update (co-op) that they did Not consider we had spent much time & effort developing "Township friends" & would really want some to be in their co-op, but since there was no way to converse with them... Many freindships that were jointly helpful R being lost. Also there is not much information available to learn about the co-ops. Such as if U have filled Ur order & no longer need the rest of the request how U could then withdraw it. But seems U can't. Also issues with receiving clovers for helping your co-op friends... A bit frustrating that there is not yet a FAQ or thread by them to answer these questions. Still love the game but it has taken a bit of the wind out of my Township sail!

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    For ages people have complained that they can only have 50 in game friends. Surely the co- op is the chance to increase your friends to 80?
    What does everyone seem to want the same people in their co-op?
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