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Thread: Sell Excess Items In Our Own Store

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    Sell Excess Items In Our Own Store

    We should be able to sell our excess items in our own store. Allowing us to set the price we want to sell them and how much of each item we want to sell. Then when players search for items Or they visit the store when visiting your town they can see what you have for sale.

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    Market for selling products and buying them from other players has been rejected by playrix. See full list HERE.

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    That sounds like such a great idea!!
    To bad they won't do it

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    It's a form of feeding the main towns with bot towns. Obviously, cannot and should not be implemented.

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    I truly believe that first the game should have hills instead of flat land and I aware in many countries that the land is flat but you have to be fair that many countries have hills step hills with roads and lights traffic lights as well as sidewalks and pathways there in the zoo but not towns. As well as day and night. Now I have heard that is one thing that you are not changing but my ideas is hills in towns sidewalks and pathways as well

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