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Thread: You Might Fire Your Township Treasurer if He or She Blows TCash on ...

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    You Might Fire Your Township Treasurer if He or She Blows TCash on ...

    I would love to read about the worst possible investments players can make with Tcash. To start things off, here are my two (I never did the first and only did the second once):

    ...speeding up wheat (The wheat is FREE! Besides, it is the fastest growing crop, you can't wait 2 minutes? LOL)

    ...Barn tools (It's FREE to sell stuff to make room. Duh.)

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    When I first started it was used to speed up milk....I really didn't understand the green bucks until much later. Of course I made many sleepy finger purchases.

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    Lightbox, I still do that, if impatience gets the better of me. Usually, I do it to clear my queue when I really, really need to produce something specific.

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    Arlene James
    Impatience, thy name is Arlene. I also have a tendency to spend a couple T$ when I get impatient for something to finish. What really annoys me is when I do that without checking market boxes first, only to find what I rushed through was there.

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