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Thread: Question regarding the houses in Township

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Lyndie - every house you sell goes back into the house inventory and is available for purchase again. There are no "new" houses, unless Playrix introduces some.
    Ah! So I misunderstood. 😊 It sounded as though you'd sold some and swapped them for others - but presumably they were ones you hadn't previously purchased ..... If you see what I mean...
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    Correct. I never purchased all the houses when they became available, unlike many (most?) players. I only purchased what I had to for population requirements. I have more than sufficient crop acres, so buying all the crappy houses to get 5-7 more acres simply wasn't incentive enough for me.

    As I have rearranged my town over the years, I will sell some and replace with others that are more suited to what I want to do design-wise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tassie View Post
    I'm not graylady but I'll give answering your question a go, as I don't think I've seen a specific thread on this

    To sell a house, go into edit mode, then click on the house, then click on the $. It will tell you how much it will sell for and also the population decrease that will occur.

    more space to put other items,
    getting rid of ugly buildings

    you get back less coins than it cost to buy,
    if your population drops below that needed for the next expansion etc (eg when there is another update) then you'd have to buy more houses again before you can do that.
    Thank you! I had never noticed this option. Very useful!

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    Arlene James
    I sold back most of my small houses as soon as larger population houses became available. I just figured out the population I needed for the larger one, sold back the small ones, bought the larger and didn't loose in population. At some point I may want some of the small ones back, but until land isn't such a problem, for me, bigger is better.

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    Which building have I just been given money for in the recent township upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Lombardo View Post
    Which building have I just been given money for in the recent township upgrade
    They bought back the Mint for those having built it.
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