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Thread: Let's discuss Township!

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    Let's discuss Township!

    Dear Townshippers, it's high time to start discussing our favorite game! You are welcome to share your game experience and ask for advice!

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    Kelly Range-Jack
    How do I get new Township friends? None of my friends want to play and don't know what they're missing!

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    Kristine Haviland
    Really like the idea of the game, but with so much to do, it's not feasible to start the game with one small barn.

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    Hi Kristine! Yes, the Barn is not that big at the beginning of the game but you can always upgrade it using materials delivered by trains. Also you can sell products which you do not need and do not forget about orders from citizens! With all this you will not only make some free space in the Barn but also get coins and exp points to level up

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    Hi Kelly! This is so easy to find new friends! Join our community, post on the wall that you need friends (do not forget to mention your OS) and then you will just need to add daily Township players as friends on Facebook.

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    I will be your friend..add me..i have no friends that play..i have one friend and my daughter on there.. They will also be friends..if i get more i will have them add you

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    Hi a play on iPad came center name l1nz1 74 feel free to add me. Brill game

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    pappag gene
    Add me on Game Center pappa gene

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    Veronica Lastoria
    If you go to the app page, friends post their Game Center ID names. You then have to go into Game Center and add them in the request a friend section. Wait for them to accept you. You should leave your Game Center name on the app page as well so others can add you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Range-Jack View Post
    How do I get new Township friends? None of my friends want to play and don't know what they're missing!
    Admin, can you create a new thread strictly for adding/finding friends? I'm playing on an Android device, how do i locate my friend code or username?

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