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Thread: Talk To/Communicate With Fish

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    communicate with the fish

    I think that we should be able to answer the fishes questions and ask question and just talk with them! I wished i could it would be fun!

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    This is a great idea!

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    I would like to be able to talk to my fish when they talk to me.

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    My sweet, lovable fishies

    My little fishies are always saying such nice and cute things to me or just commenting on things. I just love those little guys and gals. I wish I could talk to them. How's that for a challenge? My thanks to all who work developing this game and have such a great gift to share with us.

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    I agree 1000000%! I want more interaction with my fishies!

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    Yes! They ask questions! I feel bad when i dont answer lol

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    I agree.... love the uplifting encouragement they give!!! More ways to interact would be even better!!

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    Talk back to your fish

    I think it would be nice if you could talk to your fish and if you could ask them questions maybe even fun facts about fish, the sea or anything aquatic. That would be so fun!

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    Hi there! Thanks for this interesting idea! This way Fishdom would be fun and educational I'll definitely pass this idea to the devs, hope they'll be able to consider adding this feature!

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    I need Fishdom friends....please add me

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