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Thread: Need Confirmation Button

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    The 2 lightnings power up must be next to each other, side by side or one on top of the other. You can then move one on top of the other. It clear the board 1 time. If you have squares that need 3 times to be clear, you will have 2 left.
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    I believe it is very important. Please, Playrix, do it.

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    After 4 lives are used a purchase (with diamonds) is placed in the exact location as "try again". This is deceitful and seems to be placed there to intentionally cause the user to mistakenly spend diamonds. This seems like a ploy to get users to spend in the app.

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    I also believe so

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    It is definitely so.
    Last year, I recommended in a thead a confirmation button as absolut necessary. The reaction of playrix: none. They want you to press accidently on those buttons andd burn your diamonds.

    Most of the time, Fishdom is pay to win. But Playrix has invented something new: pay, but you still will not win. Some levels are constructed this way, even with additional bombs at the start, your chance of winning is below 5%.
    That there is no answer from Playrix to my request of confirmation buttons when you spend diamonds confirms my opinion about Playrix. It is so obvious and clear.
    For Playrix, there are only three things important:
    1. Money
    2. Money
    3. Money
    And they don't care at all about:
    1. The player having fun
    2. The player not getting frustrated
    3. Being fair
    According to the letters of the law, they probably operate completely legal in some countries (not in Germany), but according to moral standpoints they do not.
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    This frustrates me too. So many times it has caused me to accidentally waste diamonds and as we know they are not easy to collect. It is very frustrating.

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    Confirm before purchasing with diamonds

    Please implement some sort of "are you sure you want to use your diamonds"? Wasted so many on accidentally using them after losing a level.

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    Continue button issue

    It makes me furious when I'm so into playing and think I have another move but accidentally press the continue playing button for 9 diamonds! The button must be moved or have another confirm button, like , are you sure continue for 9 diamonds? Now it's going to take me 2 days to get back to where I was, 13 diamonds. So frustrating!

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    I agree, it needs to be moved or ask "are you sure". I hit it often also. Very frustrating.

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    I've done that a few times as you say it is a nuisance.

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