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Thread: 10.10 Beta Testers Wanted

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    I am not sure if you are still deciding about Beta Tester, but I would like to be considered. Thnx in advance for the opportunity.

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    I would love to be a beta tester.

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    I am interested in becoming a Bata tester.

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    Still interested in Beta testers?

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    I would love to be a Beta tester. I have been one for a few other games in the past.

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    I'm a fantastic beta tester.

    I love being a beta tester. I am somewhat house bound because of health reasons, so I love the interactions i get through games. Please let me know if there is any way I can help. Thank you.

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    I would like to to be a part of your team of beta tester's. I am I have done beta testing for other android apps along with beta testing computer software. I would give you honest feedback and ideas for future levels and updates.
    I enjoy playing all of the Playrix games. I am a leader in a great co-op in the game Township.

    I would be a great asset to your beta testing team.

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