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Thread: 10.10 Beta Testers Wanted

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    Mom of 5, wife, employee, and super cool attitude. I work hard and play hard. Just started the game last night and I'm addicted.... Great Job so far!

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    You should choose me to beta test games and updates because Hynotoad said to!

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    Hello, I’m a 61 year old retired/disabled woman. My only real pastime and passion is playing your games. I have a lot of time on my hands. You know what they say about Idle hands and the Devil. So help me keep the Devil away, and make me a beta tester.

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    Beta Tester

    You won’t be sorry if you choose me to be a Beats Tester. I am loyal, conscientious and Pretty good at this game. I would love to have the chance to prove it to you and myself that I can get the job done.
    Thank You for listening I look forward to hearing from you.

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    I’m on level 1840 and patiently waiting for the Fantasy tank to open up. I’d love to be a tester for you!

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    Hi I wanted to be a beta tester, I already posted some suggestion on the forum, I really pay attention and even without being a tester I already try to help improve the game, one of my suggestions was already implemented so I'm always willing to help.

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    Wouldn't mind being tester on level 1080

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    I wouldn't mind trying out the beta version of Fishdom. I love to play, although I'm not on as high of a level as some other members of the group.

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    Please pick me for beta tester

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    I would love to, please pick me!

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