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Thread: 10.10 Beta Testers Wanted

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    Fishdom has converted an addict! I played all of the Candy Crush games (levels 1424, 1018 and 931) every single day and was content with them. However, I recently discovered Fishdom, immediately became hooked and haven't touched the candy since. I've been playing about a month and am on level 442. I'd love to be involved in keeping the game fresh and fun.

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    Ready Willing and Able 🐠

    Although I might only be ‘small fry’ but I will give my all, hook line and sinker.

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    I would love to test out the new updates. Just tell me when and where....

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    I would love to be a beta tester for games. I'm a tester for language app,so I would like to learn more about games.Fishdom is my favorite game.Please give me a chance

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    Sure I would love to b a tester

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    Pick me

    Quote Originally Posted by Tara Barry View Post
    Sure I would love to b a tester

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    Love the game! Got my whole family addicted I'm observant, critical, fair... and a paying player (just sayin', lol)

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    Beta tester

    I would also love to be a beta tester. I also have a IT background and am at level 1004 I think. I’m very experienced with beta versions of Windows over the years & other programs. I live this game also and would love to play beta versions. Thank you for your consideration!
    Lin McNaughton

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    I am on level 1741 and play every day. I love everything about this game and would be honored to help make it better and more enjoyable to all. I love to decorate and redecorate my aquariums. I like mix and matching decorations from other themes. There are endless possibilities. If I am chosen I would be completely dedicated to you. I have a great imagination and even greater positive attitude thank you, Mary Ann a k a Orchid.

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    I would love to be a beta tester. I’m on level 2221 and can’t even go any farther until more levels are created!! I absolutely love this game, I play it almost daily and love the challenges of getting through each level. It would be an honor to be a beta tester

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