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    Township Molly -2

    Molly was up and she was not supposed to be. After her mother put her to bed, she patiently waited for silence and then arose to put the finishing touches on her school art project, a Popsicle stick castle. It was a marvel for an eight year old child and done by Molly with little involvement from her mother. Eunice found her the next morning asleep by her Magnum Opus.

    Molly was a parent’s dream in a sense, and you could give her a task or a picture book and come back in a few hours and the child would still be engrossed in it. She was not autistic but certainly a neighbor to it.

    She functioned in school, but not so well socially, making straight A’s of course. In High School she was nicknamed “The Rain Girl.”

    Not unattractive, Molly was a petite little thing with round face framed with flaxen black hair that looked like a rolling sea. She had a marble white complexion that blushed easily, green eyes, and a determined jaw. Perhaps it was her quiet beauty that kept her from being the brunt of too much adolescent cruelty.

    Whatever it was Molly undertook, she had to do it, and had to know inside that it was rightly done. If it was a writing assignment, it was forged like a Braham’s symphony. Her first flower garden was done with a tape measure to be sure the plants were in the right place.

    As a wife and mother, Molly was all in. She simply was not wired to be ho hum, and whatever the driving force was; perfectionism, fear of failure, a sense of right and wrong, may never be known. The current task at hand soon became an all-consuming thing for our Molly.
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