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Thread: Ice Doesn't Form In 1421

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    now this was another thrilling watching! lol

    Happy for you, WA, to see it was finally solved! Now it will be interesting to see whether you still CAN play other levels!
    Good luck and much fun!

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    Thanks again, everybody.
    I went to bed after cracking 1421 last night - almost sorry I won't see it again!
    This morning I played for half an hour or so and cracked the last set of Hermann's games, won 2h of playtime, then started back on Fishdom proper.
    It's quite surreal, seeing a different game. I'm quite spaced out by it! And have just won another 2h playtime. Goodness me, this is going to my head.

    Now Lyuba, sorry if I'm being greedy, but no sign of Hallowe'en on my Mac, even though the release notes said it was included in this update. I fancy a pumpkin.
    Any chance?
    Thanks :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedAnchusas View Post

    Got it on the second go. HOORAY! I see there are more moves available and fewer ices to zap - and finally - FINALLY - it's possible.
    And my little fish (Jack) said, 'I love it when it comes together.' Yes Jack, so do I!

    At long last.
    Thank you very much indeed - also all the folk who've watched this saga unfold.
    I feel a little giddy, now with other Fishdom games to play!

    Haven't seen anything about Hallowe'en or pumpkins, but you can't have everything, I suppose.
    AND there is now a message telling me 1422 is a HARD level - never had that on the Mac before.
    Great. A hard level. After a month of 1421. Oh well. I'm very happy to be moving on at last. :-D

    Thanks again, one and all.
    Congrats So glad to know that all is well now!

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    Well, I came here because I'm having the same problem! I will try the suggestions here but it's a very tedious process.

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    Yup, hanging around making pointless moves worked. I love this game, but this level is just silly! And frustrating.

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    Stimmt, habe das selbe Problem

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