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Thread: Ice Doesn't Form In 1421

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    Ice Doesn't Form In 1421

    I know this is a common problem when enough ice / oil / bubbles / coloured pieces doesn't/don't appear for you to be able to make the target hit, but I'm at my wit's end with 1421. Been playing it about a fortnight already.
    I can clear the board fine, with, say, 10 moves to spare and plenty of bombs lined up and waiting. Then I wait for ice to appear so I can zap it, but it doesn't. So I shuffle aimlessly, using up moves, until the game's over.

    I've noticed that no ice appears directly after you've exploded something, so I've tried holding back on that - waiting for enough to appear.
    I've tried clearing the board as swiftly as I can, then making tame moves while ice comes. But it's never enough.
    I'm supposed to clear 30 pieces of ice - but there aren't ever thirty pieces of ice. Never. The most I've been able to generate, is about 21.

    There's no point using any boosters as there's no ice to use them on.

    I guess it can be done as others have passed this game. But does anyone have a strategy tip please?

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    P.S. I haven't found a walk-through video of the game I'm seeing. I haven't seen one at these levels for quite a while.

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    And here's a screenshot of what I mean.

    Notice I have plenty of bombs waiting, and lightning - but no ice and two moves to go.
    I still need to hit 10 ice blocks, so there's no point buying 5 more lives as 10 won't appear in that time, especially if I use a bomb in one of those moves, which will stop ice forming even more.
    I don't need to buy bombs either - there's nothing to use them on.
    I've played this game over and over again and am really bored with it.
    I've even tried not exploding anything, and not clearing any tiles, just to see if 30 pieces of ice will form. No.
    Any clues gratefully received.

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    Oops - sorry, forgot screenshot:

    Bah. Now I can't upload screenshot.

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    Hi Wicked

    Maybe you do not find a video because it is a new level. As Playrix delete some levels they have to add new ones. I would suggest sending your screenshot as a report from within the game. Asking them to check out the level.

    As for uploading screenshot on the forums, we have to reduce the size of our screeshots before vBulletin will accept them.

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    Thanks Graylady.
    I'm still playing this game aimlessly. Three times I've had two lightnings side-by-side, waiting until the last move to use them - but 30 pieces of ice never form in the 29 moves available.
    I suppose sooner or later - like the lottery - it'll happen, but it's less fun than the lottery.

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    I do not like ice level too much LOL

    Just a hunch here. If you get 2 lightnings again, just make moves that do not remove ice at all to let more be created. It never occur to me before but it could be like oil. As long as we destroy 1 piece of oil, no new one appear.

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    That's exactly what I did, Graylady - when I got two lightnings together, I mucked about doing nothing much until the last move, in the hope that enough ice would appear. It never did. We have to clear tiles (twice), clear tyres, and clear 30 pieces of ice. All in only 29 moves. If ice forms at the rate of 1 per move (which it does - as long as you don't use a bomb), then there'll never be 30 pieces of ice. The game starts with none at all.
    I've reported this from within the game, and had a reply that sounds as if they're not looking at the same game as me. They talked about clearing yellow and blue goals but I don't have any goals and all four colours are equally represented.
    I've replied with all that, too.

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    Did you join a screenshot or your level? Best way to alert them you have something different then what they have.

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    I'm blowed if I can attach a screen shot - either here or via the 'Chat'.
    I'm on an iMac. Not sure if that makes a difference; probably does.

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